Who Is Legendary Staffing, Inc.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to create a Legendary experience by delivering quality careers to committed professionals, and committed professionals to quality careers while developing long term, successful relationships between the individuals we place and our clients.

Our strengths and expertise, coupled with our desire to provide quality service and personal attention, make us different from other staffing firms. Every search is unique, and we understand the importance of both our clients and candidates’ particular needs.

The Legendary Promise
Our Promise is to empower our customers and employees to excel to their fullest potential while operating with integrity & honesty.
Our Values
Quality, Client Service, Teamwork, Integrity and the drive for Excellence.

These values have led us to success, earning us the respect of both our peers and leaders of industries we serve.

These values will continues to be at the core of everything we do to help our clients build the best leadership teams in the world.

Today our global network of search professionals and leadership consultants maintains the enduring values with which Legendary Staffing, Inc. was established-

The Story Behind Legendary Staffing

In 2008, Suzanne Sheridan was facing a deep dilemma. The recruitment industry was undergoing a crisis as more and more companies were laying off people at the onset of the recession.

Suzanne felt the pain of the times leaving her in a deep quandary: should she exit the recruitment field and pursue a different career? What about her commitment to people and the relationships built?

After much introspection, she decided to do what few people would do facing similar circumstances. Rather than switch to another career, with the support of her husband Phil, Suzanne formed Legendary Staffing! She decided to build a recruitment business that would bring integrity and excellence to the industry. Suzanne recognized that despite the economic turbulence, a great opportunity existed for someone who had a deep commitment to serve others and a compelling desire to provide innovative solutions.

As a direct result of these experiences Suzanne set forth to form Legendary Staffing, Inc. in one of the most challenging markets in the US: California’s Silicon Valley, teeming with innovative people, brutal competition and an economic downturn not experienced in decades. Undaunted, she sought to build something that would encompass these values
Passion for service and dedication to achieving meaningful results for clients and candidates.

Recognizing the unique talents of individuals and matching that potential with the demands of discerning clients. Striking the perfect balance between technology’s speed and efficiency and the human factor to exceed expectations for the client and fulfillment for the candidate.

Today, Suzanne continues her entrepreneurial spirit bringing creativity to a space that is in dire need of solutions. With Legendary Staffing, Inc. she’s brought change to the recruiting business and a company that is becoming known for its unique blend of excellent services with a modern 21st Century approach to placing great people with great companies!


Small Business Certification # 414560



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Suzanne Sheridan
Suzanne SheridanPresident & Ring Leader
Master of the juggling act while jumping though hoops of fire and accomplishing the task of making people laugh, and truly enjoying life.

Meet Our Corporate Team

Rebecca Cuttino
Rebecca CuttinoOffice Manager
“I enjoy telling people what to do, and getting them in trouble when they don’t do their job.”
Emma Martinez
Emma MartinezSenior Recruiter
Recruiting Professional with over 10 years of experience with comprehensive management skills including; employee retention, conflict resolution, supervising personnel, job sourcing, screening and interviewing, reference and background checks, salary negations and new hire orientation.
Monique Tran
Monique Tran Senior Recruiter
Former anteater who fell into recruiting by chance and loving every second of it. Recruiting is  just like dating- it’s about quality over quantity.
Stephanie Deras
Stephanie DerasSenior Recruiter
As a former Wild Cat I am always on the prowl for the next best thing networking event, social media, talent, companies..whatever it may be I am ready to pounce. Charismatic is my middle name and I am here to play the game. So let me help you find some work and together we can find your dream job.
Brigette Valencia
Brigette ValenciaRecruiter
Hola! I’m Brigette, and I am responsible for the nourishment of integrity and unity… our two fish! I also source for the brightest individuals like a match maker. Just like a blind date, there must be a mutual connection with the goal of benefiting both sides. What I most enjoy about my position as a recruiter is networking, interacting with amazing people and the challenge!
Jonathan Valencia
Jonathan ValenciaE-Marketing
Hi I’m Jon, the guy behind the scenes,the IT guy that makes sure the show goes on no matter what. Wether dealing with anteaters,wildcats or taming ferocious fish, I’m happy to be here, the one place that has allowed me to grow as an individual. “You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be.”